• Sports Facilities


    The College was Established in its Present form since 1992-93 by upgrading the College sports faculty. Game and sports are essential for all round development of a personality. Its importance is increasingly recognized from both the educational and social Point of view for everyone and especial for students.
  • Games and sports invariably ensure good health fitness and freedom from various type of ailment. Sports provide an easy method to ensure such fitness.
  • Sports and games play an important role in the development of human personality and also fasten friendship and amity.
  • From the view of career building, games and sports are helpful. Students who perform well in college – level competition are promoted to play at the national and international level.
  • Chandrakanti Ramawati Devi Arya Mahila P.G. College, Gorakhpur is one of the most popular colleges known for its indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

    Sports Events

    Sports facilities at the college campus allow various following sports events.


  • I - Chess
  • II- Carom
  • III- Table tennis etc

  • I- Athletics (Women)
  • II- Basketball (Women)
  • III- Football (Women)
  • IV- Kabaddi (Women)
  • V- Kho- Kho (Women)
  • VI- Volley-Ball (Women)
  • VII- Badminton (Women)

    The college sports faculty offers various Competitions in which Kamla Devi Jain competition and annual sports competition are main for these multipurpose sports competitions, the college sports board provides two Badminton court for students, teachers and non teaching employees of the college one basketball court and specious field for more sports events.